Through the group and individual assignments, I have learnt that initiatives in Primary Mathematics Curriculum incorporated over the years are vital and significant. They help to refine the system better and schools can reflect on their current practices and improve on current practices or innovate new practices. In addition, the mathematics curriculum is important to nation development as Singapore has no natural resources. Due to this shortage, the economic development of Singapore is contingent upon its human resource development. One of the aims in Singapore is to "nurture young Singaporeans who are intellectually curious, and willing think in new ways, solve new problems and create new opportunites for the future" (MOE,2005). To achieve this aim, we hope to create a nation where every citizen is educated to his or her full potential.

All primary schools in Singapore incorporated the various Mathematics initiatives that are introduced in relation to the Education system from time to time so as to reflect the teaching of Mathematics in Singapore. Creative and engaging programmes or activities are carried out in primary schools in Singapore based on the initiatives inplemented. Many Math programmes incorporated in schools promote experiences where children actively and confidently participate in the learning and application of Mathematics. It is more than learning a collection of isolated concepts, facts, skills and processes as learning mathematics becomes meaningful when mathematical reasoning and processes can be applied to everyday problems. We want children to realise that Mathematics is not domain-specific but rather it pervades all levels of life is enhanced. Hence, there is a need to provide children with a wide array of mathematics-based activities if we want such an appreciation to be cultivated in them. Ultimately,pupils are expected to engage in life-long learning to meet the demands of the face of rapid globalisation.