The programmes or activites focus mainly on the initiative of TLLM but the initiatives of PERI and ICT Masterplan 3 are intertwined in them.

Under TLLM, the Math-SPAR programme is first introduced to develop pupils in their problem solving abilities and the processes needed for problem solving include both the thinking skills and heuristics. Also, it is a form of drill and practice for the pupils as the pupils learn more by doing.

Math Activity-Based Lessons are conducted as part of Math classroom lessons so as to bring out the initiative of TLLM as pupils learn and participate by doing i.e. using Math manipulatives and they will acquire the mathematical concepts and skills for everyday life.

Under TLLM, pupils are given opportunities to gain authentic experience through Math Trail and they will be able to relate the mathematical skills and concepts to real life situations better. NE is also promoted as pupils embark on journeys to Singapore prominent landmarks e.g. Changi Airport.

To complement the Math-SPAR programme to help pupils in strengthening their problem solving skills, Math E-learning Portal is also introduced to pupils so that they can have more practice using the ICT platform and at the same time build their interest, confidence and perserverance in problem solving.