ICT Masterplan 3 - Math E-learning Portal

  • To enable pupils to develop in their problem solving abilities
  • To cultivate pupils to be self-directed learners
Ø Takes responsibility for own learning
Ø Uses technology adeptly
  • To leverage on ICT tool in teaching & learning
  • To allow pupils to learn through play (online

Users: Poi Ching School
Primary 1 to 6 pupils & Math Teachers

Introduction to Problemsums.com:

PCS Math E-learning Portal :
Math E-learning portal 


ProblemSums.com on Mediacorp Channel 5 News

In conclusion, under ICT Masterplan 3, we want pupils to strengthen their competencies for self-directed learning, to encourage pupils to go deeper and advance in their learning and to learn anywhere. Through this ICT platform, pupils who are more visually-spatial, they can learn better via visual representation and in this way we are tailoring learning experiences to the way that they learn best.