Background Information

Under the MOE's initiative of 'Teach Less, Learn More' (TLLM), this initiative wants the education system to move away from rote-learning, prescribed formulae and set examinations.
Thus, it emphasises the importance of engaged and quality learning of pupils to inculcate character development and life-long skills.

  1. Under TLLM, Math-SPAR programme is implemented in PCS and group experiential learning activities are incorporated in lesson plans using the PETALS Framework to increase the level of engagement and confidence of pupils through their personal involvement in the activities and collaboration with their peers.
  2. Under the PERI report, two of the pedagogies i.e. 'Learning by Doing' and 'Learning In and Out of the Real World' are used to enhance the process of pupils' learning so as to make their learning experiences engaging and enjoyable.
  3. Under the MOE's initiative of ICT Masterplan 3, one of the aims is to strengthen the pupils' competencies for self-directed learning.

Using the MOE's initiatives of TLLM, PERI and ICT Masterplan 3, short write-ups and pictures will be included in the content of this assignment.